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Areas of Practice

Criminal Defence Law

Bail Applications: Magistrates Court, Supreme Court and Appeal Bail

Here at Cullen Lawyers, we have extensive experience and proven success in all aspects of QLD and NSW applications for bail. An application for bail needs to be properly prepared and submitted to be effective because if bail is refused, you are remanded in custody and imprisoned.

Assaults and serious violent offences

Common assault, assault occasioning bodily harm/in company, grievous bodily harm and malicious acts with intent are all offences that carry significant periods of imprisonment. If you are found guilty of a serious violent offence, you may be sent to prison regardless of whether you have any criminal history. Cullen Lawyers has successfully managed numerous assault and violence cases.

Murder and Manslaughter

Often the most complex matters that almost always run a jury trial, murder in Queensland, New South Wales, and all across Australia will result in a life sentence if convicted. For these reasons, it is imperative that you engage a legal team who are prepared and committed to supporting you with you every step of your case like Cullen Lawyers do.

Weapons Act Offences

Australian legislative changes have seen mandatory periods of imprisonment introduced and imposed for most weapons offences. If you are charged with weapons offences, call Cullen Lawyers.

Serious drug offences

Serious drug offences are most commonly dealt with in the Supreme Court or District Court Jurisdictions. The brief of evidence is normally significant, containing complex evidence such as warrants, covert surveillance and telephone intercepts. Cullen Lawyers are specialists when it comes to serious drug matters, ensuring you understand all aspects of your case and your rights. More minor drug possession can still impact your ability to travel to certain countries. Do not risk your future by representing yourself. Engage us now

Burglary & Armed Robbery

Brazen and often violent offences of Burglary and Armed Robbery carry lengthy periods of imprisonment if convicted. Offences of this nature often involve complex legal issues. There may be scope to case conference your matter to achieve a more favourable outcome. Legal work of this nature needs to be carried out with great care and attention to detail. Cullen Lawyers have accomplished successful outcomes for many clients charged with offences of this nature.


Most fraud allegations involve complex financial transactions, lever arch volumes of bank statements and tax documents spanning a lengthy period of time and a need for an ability to trace the money trail to find the true extent of what the allegation of fraud is. With most fraud cases, argument call also is made as to whether or not the elements of fraud can be proven beyond reasonable doubt. Cullen Lawyers has successfully represented clients charged with simple fraud to multi-million dollar fraud cases.

Sex Offences

Sex offences such as sexual assault and rape are charges that are easy to allege and extremely hard to defend. These charges quite commonly run a jury trial. If approached by the police for an offence of this nature, call Cullen Lawyers straight away to obtain legal advice.

Investigate Hearings (ASIC, CCC, ACIC)

If you are issued with a summons to appear before an investigative body such as the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC), Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) or Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), you may be required to answer certain questions by law and the right to silence does not apply. If you are served with a summons of this nature, it is highly recommended that you engage a lawyer to assist you. Cullen Lawyers can explain this process to you and has appeared for many clients summonsed to these hearings.

Family Law

Divorce Applications

The requirement for divorce in Australia is the irretrievable breakdown of a marriage. To apply for a divorce, you must first have been separated for 12 months, but there does not need to be documented evidence of this, you are legally separated when one person in the relationship determines that they are separated. Contact Cullen Lawyers for peace of mind and the best advice through this highly stressful and emotional time.

Property Settlement

We understand that property and assets are issues high on the agenda in the event of a partnership or marriage breakdown and family split. Cullen Lawyers can manage your legal affairs and assist you through this highly stressful period of your life, to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your family’s property.

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance involves the need of one party, whether it be the husband or wife, to be maintained by the other, in circumstances where the other party has the means to contribute to the financial support of their spouse. In order to fully advise you, we will require full details of each party’s earning capacity, and your fair weekly needs. Contact Cullen Lawyers and we can help you collate this necessary information.

Child Custody/Parenting Arrangements

Parenting Agreements assist to clarify each party’s obligations and enable mutual ground to be reached in the best interests of the child. If you would like to make a private agreement about child support, you can also enter into Binding or Limited Child Support Agreements. These have the benefit of both parties knowing where they stand financially during the term of the agreement. Legal advice must be obtained for this process.


Separation can impact your life in a multitude of ways, and there are various advantages and disadvantages when it comes to legal separation. Important decisions need to be made, and legal advice should be sought about the impact of separation on issues pertaining to finance, property, insurance and spousal maintenance.

Domestic Violence

The majority of people in Queensland and New South Wales do not realise that domestic violence is not merely threatening or physical violence in a relationship. If a domestic relationship exists, then swearing or even name calling is can be sufficient to amount to an act of domestic violence. In these cases and others, a Protection Order may need to be brought forward urgently with strict, temporary conditions until the matter is settled.

Cullen Lawyers have helped numerous private applicants and respondents facing Protection Order Applications. We have the ability and experience to resolve these highly emotional matters quickly and effectively for you.

In New South Wales, the legislation enables the Local Courts to make Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO’s) for people in need. AVO’s can be divided into two categories with orders imposed in the below circumstances:


1. Orders that involve allegations of violence where a domestic relationship with the respondent exists; and


2. Personal Violence Orders (PVO’s) in matters of allegations of violence against a person for all other aggrieved persons subject to violence.

If you are an applicant or respondent to a matter involving an application for a Protection Order or AVO, Cullen Lawyers can provide prompt legal advice and represent you from the start to completion of your case.


The freedom of holding a drivers licence is invaluable. Losing your licence means you could possibly lose your job, fall into financial hardship or be unable to provide for your dependents.

Traffic Law offences are most commonly dealt with by the Magistrates Courts in Queensland and New South Wales and are treated very seriously by the courts with sentences ranging from large fines, revoked license and even full-time imprisonment

for major offences. However, it is possible to avoid or minimise disqualifications if you have a solid case. We are always more than happy to discuss your circumstances with you and assist you in obtaining the best possible outcome.

Our specialist traffic law services include: · Work Licence Applications · Special Hardship Orders · Demerit Point Suspended · Drug Driving · Drink Driving · Disqualified Driving

National Redress Scheme

Corey also has experience in working with the national redress scheme. If you think the below information applies to you. Please contact Cullen Lawyers and Corey can assist you through the process.

The National Redress Scheme:

  • acknowledges that many children were sexually abused in Australian institutions

  • recognises the suffering they endured because of this abuse

  • holds institutions accountable for this abuse, and

  • helps people who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse gain access to counselling, a direct personal response, and a Redress payment.

The National Redress Scheme involves:

  • People who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse who can apply for redress.

  • The National Redress Scheme team — Commonwealth Government staff who help promote the Scheme and process applications. They have made this site.

  • Redress Support Services — free, confidential emotional support and legal and financial counselling for people thinking about or applying to the Scheme.

  • Participating Institutions that have agreed to provide redress to people who experienced institutional child sexual abuse.

  • Independent Decision Makers who consider applications and make recommendations and conduct reviews.